The glory that is September

It just doesn’t get any better than it was last Sunday.  We traipsed around the old Ausable Channel at Southcott Pines.  The weather was perfect – sunshine glittering on the water, no wind and warm enough so that you only needed a light jacket.  We hauled out our polarizing filters to cut the glare and to keep the colours saturated and we used our neutral density filters to turn the spraying water milky white.  A canopy of sumacs, just starting to turn red, water lilies lazing around the stream and bees still buzzing drunkenly around the goldenrod: September!

Today, Twin Pines.  You’ve got to see their gardens!  Strawflowers, zinnias, morning glories, ornamental cabbages, all bathed in the sweet smell of apple harvest time.  Pumpkins piled in orange splendour.  A pond, a waterfall, green frogs. Opie the yellow lab mooching treats.

Take your cameras!  Get out there and soak up the glory that is September.

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1 Response to The glory that is September

  1. Janette says:

    Twin Pines is a great idea! Their apple wine is nice too . . . . .

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