Beeler, Vreni

  Hi!  My name is Vreni.  Photography has always interested me as long as I can remember.  As a little girl, I loved to open my mom’s photo box and look at the very old photographs of our relatives.  The pictures were all black and white or “sepia”, with those fancy borders!

I had a very small camera when I was about twelve years old, but after dropping it down a cliff by accident, that was the end of photography for a while.  Years later, I bought a camera on my own;  it cost me an arm and a leg as I didn’t have much money.  I took lessons in Zurich, Switzerland, and I fondly remember how we had “walkabouts” throughout the city and looked for interesting architecture or went out for a photo shoot at 4 a.m. to capture the sunrise!

My husband and I immigrated to Canada in 1992, coincidentally in “Zurich” Ontario. Starting a new life as a homemaker kept me very busy.  Three children, a husband, a farm and lots of other things to organize, left me with little time to follow my other passion, photography.  A few years ago I looked at my old pictures and I thought, this is my time!  If not now, when?  I went and bought a digital camera (after all, I deserve it don’t I?) and started shooting and just can’t stop.   We sure don’t have big mountains here like in Switzerland, but the lakes, the colours in the fall, and all year round actually, are nice as well.  I love shooting nature shots and also like to play with my macro lens.  Wherever I go, a camera is always with me!

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