Dumais, Karen

I believe my love for photography began at the age of 12, when I received a photo album as a gift. I sorted and helped myself to a pile of photos from my mother’s chocolate boxes. It was at that point I decided to keep my life in pictures in an orderly fashion, rather than in messy, unorganized candy boxes. To date, I have many shelves of photo albums dated and arranged in order.

Traveling frequently as a travel agent, I always had a camera in hand. Capturing amazing people, places and things on film, inspired me to take a beginners photography course at Conestoga College.

Since then, I too, enjoy the wonders of our digital age. I usually have my 55-300mm telephoto lens handy to catch my favourite subjects, even at a distance.

After additional photography classes, some useful camera equipment and regular encouragement from Camera Club, my photo collection continues to grow more than ever!

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