Gilpin, Debbie

Photographs have been at the top of my list of favourite & treasured possessions ever since I can remember. Photos capture special moments with family, friends & the beauty of nature. Our photos can be informative, entertaining & comforting. They can never be replaced! So, it is no wonder wh y photography is important to me!

I was born & raised in Cape Breton, N. S. I was fortunate to be surrounded by nature’s beauty. Every summer I vacationed around the Cabot Trail & my camera was often close by.

At a young age, I had an appreciation of the teal colours of the ocean & the varieties of colours of the trees on the mountainsides etc. For the past several years I have lived in Forest & Grand Bend with my husband & four sons. Although I have seen the awesome sand dunes, the beautiful Lake Huron, & the incredible sunsets many times, I am still amazed by them & try to capture the wonder in a picture.

Photography in this digital age has become quite interesting. As an amateur photographer, it has become challenging, yet exciting. I am wowed with all that can be done with a digital camera! There’s much for me to learn! I am eager to improve & to pursue my hobby in photography.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the talented P.F.C.C. members for their kindness & for welcoming me in the club.

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