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Our Goal: We are an organization dedicated to fostering the creativity of its members as they enhance their skills in the art of photography.  The Club will endeavour to generate an environment in which photographers can learn from one another, socialize, and motivate its members to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of photography.

During this period of social distancing our friendly in-person meetings have been replaced by our friendly online meetings. The plan is to continue to deliver the programs that allow our members to learn and enjoy photography. The PFCC invites you to enjoy guest speakers, information sessions, and Comment & Review nights. Meetings are held online on the second and fourth Monday of the month except for July and December.

Members are automatically sent a Zoom invitation for each meeting. If you would like to attend as a guest, please email for an invitation. Our club is known for its relaxed atmosphere so don’t hesitate to introduce yourself when you log in.

Here is some information on what is planned for our upcoming meetings.

June Theme – Street Photography (flickr tag pfccstreet22)

June 11 – Walkabout 10:00 am

We will explore and photograph the beautiful private gardens of a local resident. Details in the newsletter.

June 13 – General Meeting 7:00 pm
Leah Denbok has been engaging with and photographing the homeless. Her images and the stories behind them are enthralling. Lyle will add some depth to some of the technical jargon we use – such as clarity and sharpness.

May 23 – General Meeting 7:00 pm
Retouching Archival Photos with Richard. A tour of the Lake District with Barb. And, of course, we will be reviewing our Street Photography images along with our walkabout images.

Join Us!

The Port Franks and Area Camera Club is a member of the Canadian Association of Photographic Art (CAPA), the Southwestern Ontario Photographers Association (SWOPA) and the Ontario Council of Camera Clubs (OCCC).

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