Here are some links to a variety of topics related to our photography activities.


Image Commentator Notes PFCC

Photo Life Suggested Reading List

Photographer Interview


Lynn Dukelow’s Macro Presentation of May 28

The Ultimate Guide to Landscape Photography at Night.

Presentation on making Black & White Images

Colour for Photographers


A link to the Adorama Learning Centre

Article about the pros and cons of shooting RAW and JPEG formats.

Presentation on Resizing Images in Photoshop

Understanding the Exposure Triangle

Short 4 minute video to help learn to see how light affects your image.

Short 3 minute video covering many of the composition ‘rules’.

A tutorial on focal length, compression, and bokeh

A link to the Lambton Library list of free online courses

An article providing advice on critiquing pictures (including your own)

An article providing advice on critiquing pictures (including your own)

Digital Photography Lecture Series – FREE

How to select the proper camera bag.

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