Fuel for Photography

There was enough food for an army at Monday night’s potluck. What a fabulous feast we had!  We had everything from meat to potatoes to dips to desserts.  Gratifyingly, there were hardly any vegetables in sight.  Well, if they’re not there, you don’t have to eat them, do you?  That’s my kind of menu.

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So, we pigged out on goodies.  Then, too full to move about, we lounged around and enjoyed the results of the Scavenger Hunt.  Lynn Dukelow is the big winner!  Jacqui Krech came in second.  But never mind about who won what.  The important thing is the imagination and creativity that our people displayed in doing this little contest.  What a blast to look at the photos that matched the clues and to enjoy the interpretations.

It’s a great Camera Club we’ve got going here.  I am continually overwhelmed by the inherent talent and enthusiasm our people display and by their commitment to improving their photographic art.

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