A bit of our history

As Sharon and I work to update some of our webpages we have encountered some interesting items from the early days of the club. Here is one item from 2011. I will be posting more of these in the weeks to follow.

For a number of years the club participated in an environmental awareness event called Aquafest. One of the Aquafest events was a photo competition for which members of the club volunteered to organize and oversee. The competition became a major way for camera club members to show their work and a money-making venture for the club.

Thanks to Janette Baillie we have the following picture from the 2011 Aquafest. Co-chair Jennifer Mossop and Minister of the Environment John Wilkinson admiring the photos in the Aquafest Photo Contest hosted by the Port Franks Camera Club, August 5,6, & 7 2011.  This event was held at the beautiful Grand Bend Yacht Club.

jennifer and john w 2

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