Bob and Bill

We saw the birds of Florida through Bob McCarthy’s eyes.  Sometimes we saw “photoshopped” birds staring at their mirror images.  Sometimes we saw birds “doing what comes naturally.”  But mostly we saw a man in love with pelicans, ibis and especially osprey, sharing his passion through his camera. Bob was a laid-back delight, who entertained us with tales of his early-morning journeys to the waterways and canals of his winter escape.  He uses a point-and-shoot!  And he gets such great shots.  So don’t be saying “Oh, I don’t have a good camera, I’ve only got one of those little digital things.”  Bob is proof that your best tool for the job is your enthusiasm.

Then, there was “The CAPA guy,” Bill Hall.  He told us of contests and discounts and scholarships and courses, of magazines and conferences and insurance and software.  And then he showed us some slideshows.  Wow!  If these mini-wonders of light and sound and beauty didn’t get your creative juices flowing, maybe you need to be checked for a pulse.  Bill showed us how CAPA can bring out the best in a photographer, turning photos into poetry.  With such expressive use of photographs I want to play, too!

So, that was the Port Franks Camera Club’s meeting.  Not too shabby.

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3 Responses to Bob and Bill

  1. It was a great meeting – thanks again Bob and Bill!

    And remember Bob’s request for photos of Lambton County, taken by those of us who live in Lambton County. He will publish one a week in his weekly online history column. Contact me if you would like his email.

  2. Do you happen to know the website address for his history column?

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