In a “Manor” of speaking

From all reports, the session at the Country Manor in Thedford on January 14, 2012, was a huge success.  Our photographers captured some amazing shots of the residents.  The residents, some shy and some bold, showed us their best side.  They were full of character, vigor and charm.  Our members opened a window into their world, peered in, and were delighted with what they saw of their new acquaintances. Our thanks to the residents and staff for an enchanting morning.  

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2 Responses to In a “Manor” of speaking

  1. jake1224 says:

    Eager photographers with interesting subjects to photograph. I don’t know who had more fun; the photographers or those being photographed. It was fun to meet the Manor residents who were so willing to allow us to practise our skills on them. Thanks to Janette for arranging this outing. It was a good day!

  2. It really was a fun and rewarding day. I hope the residents enjoy the photos we took.

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